and so it begins…..

So as of March 12th it became official…..Off The Cuff Brewing Company LLC was registered with the state of Massachusetts and so begins our journey. Currently working on logo design (hopefully with the assistance of some great local talent from Springfield area colleges) and recipe development/refinement. Out the gate we will have no brick and mortar presence but will instead be contract brewing to allow us to get product into the marketplace faster and build up capital towards an eventual local brewery / taproom. Plans for 2017 are to have our first 2 flagship beers out to market with more to follow in 2018.

Good Next Steps

Good meeting last night to review design ideas for the logo and possible packaging labels. Just a small bit of fine tuning and I think we gonna have something that’s pretty f’ing awesome. It was great to finally hook up with our student team of designers. The concept they came up with was brilliant. Can’t wait until we have something to share with everyone.

let’s light this candle

One of the most difficult things about starting any new venture (especially when you all involved have full time jobs) is finding time to get things done. Time to get together tonight and discuss next steps to keep the project moving. Last couple weeks have been about getting a logo in place. I have come up with some ideas and have some students studying graphic design helping out as well……think we’re gonna end up some pretty cool artwork going forward. Reminds me I need to add a place on the site for artists to post work they may want to see featured on future cans / bottles.